DODL Minutes

Annual General Meeting

April 23, 2004


Meeting called to order 8:13 p.m. by President, Al Lystad


All Board members present with the exception of Secretary/Statistician

34 league members present including the Executive Board


Officer’s reports:


President – Al – Discussion of previous seasons’ outcomes including sympathies expressed for the passing of Dave Zieminski – suggestions of placing team’s equally challenged - Motion to accept by Paul Roebuck, 2nd by Drew.  Report accepted.

Vice-President – Drew – 22 teams registered in Spring – suggested that the Class Singles Tournament be renamed to Dave Zieminski Memorial Event – match play in 1st Division brought mixed results – Bill Richard’s commented on match play regarding placement of team into 1st division and would rather play straight out instead of match play however, more favorable over previous year – suggestion to use match play in the fall instead of A/B format – Motion to accept by Kelly, 2nd by Paul.  Report accepted.

Treasurer – Joe – Report of expenses read – Motion to accept by Drew, 2nd by Brian.  Report accepted.

Rules Chair – Brian – stepped down from office due to back problems/possible surgery – both seasons went fairly smooth regarding rules – Pony Keg was brought up to possibly remove from the league – foul language and inappropriate music – Tony’s team was brought up as causing issues of foul language and poor sportsmanship in every venue they attend – Motion to accept by Kelly, 2nd by Paul.  Report accepted and Tony opposed.

Tournament Chair – Jim – tournaments went well – reminder about Team Tournament consisting of 01 games and no cricket with bracketing decided by team average – Tony brought up Good Friday Tournament lack of participation and starting tournaments on time – Motion to accept by Kelly, 2nd by Pam.  Report accepted.

Trophy Chair – Val – review of trophies last year and request for ideas – Drew requested more placques, Paul suggested glasses similar to the 40th anniversary glasses given to each member instead of trophies, Stacey and Michelle suggested a trophy containing all team members to be given to the venue – Motion to accept by Kelly, 2nd by Drew.  Report accepted.

Banquet Chair – Linda – expenses reviewed – Bill Richard’s banquet ticket needs to be sent to him for all of his team members with address he provides to Linda – Motion to accept by Kelly, 2nd by Pam.  Report accepted.

Secretary/Statistician – reported by Al in absence of Jen


Elections – Nominations from the floor

Vice President – Jim Lawson nominated by Drew, 2nd by Brian.  Cass nominated by Tony .  Cass graciously declined.  Tony.Bradford nominated by Cass, 2nd by Tracey.   Hand vote taken.  Jim elected unanimously

Treasurer – Joe Reed nominated by Ron, 2nd by Drew.  Joe unanimously elected.

Rules Chair – Matt Cummings nominated by Ron, 2nd by Drew.  Matt elected.


Tournament Chair – Drew Perkett nominated by Kelly, 2nd by Bob.  Drew elected.

Trophy Chair – Val nominated by Kelly, 2nd by Drew.  Val elected.

Secretary – Stacy nominated by Brian, 2nd by Michelle.  Stacey elected.

Statistician – Michelle volunteered to do the stats in the fall.


Old Business

Last AGM voted to accept new business on the floor but the by-laws were not changed.  Motion put to revote and unanimous decision to add to by-laws that new business can be brought up on the floor at the AGM.


New Business


DODL owned website – much discussion – estimated cost $70.00-$150.00 per year.  Motion to vote by Kelly, 2nd by Brian.  Motion passed to investigate and move to a DODL owned website.


WebMaster position to care for DODL website – much discussion regarding voting vs. non-voting position – Motion to vote non-voting by Ron, 2nd by Kelly.  Motion passed to be a non-voting position.


Ranking by average in the fall – much discussion - should out and finishes % be included – Motion to try for one year by Grant, 2nd by Bob.  Motion passed to try for one year 18 for and 8 opposed.


Tony proposed that all Executive Board members need to be present at all DODL tournaments.  Motion denied with a vote of 1 for and 25 against.


Proposal 5c. (see meeting agenda for description of proposal) put on the floor – much discussion – Motion to vote by Ron, 2nd by Al Hawkins.  Motion passed 16 for and 10 opposed.


Tony proposed that all of the team’s member’s averages be handed out at the captain’s meeting.  Motion passed 24 for and 2 opposed.


Proposal 5d.(see meeting agenda for description of proposal) – Motion to vote by Ron, 2nd by Bob.  Motion passed 27 for and 1 opposed.


Proposal to rename Class Singles to Dave Zieminski Class Singles – some discussion – faded on the floor.


Joe Reed clarified the rule regarding credit for married couples not using extra banquet tickets.  Credit to be taken the following season for unused banquet tickets.  By-Laws to reflect married couples and following year to be shown as banquet to banquet – Motion to vote by Michelle, 2nd by Cass.  Motion unanimously passed to update by-laws.


Other discussion included clarification of 7-3 violation in 1st division – clarification that triple cricket not included.  Only the 15 games common to all divisions are included in this rule.


Meeting adjourned approximately 10:30 p.m.